Personal Training

City Club Personal Trainers

Let our Certified Personal Trainers’ education in fitness, strength and conditioning go to work for you.

Personal Training at City Club is second to none. Along with Nationaly Accredited Certifications, our trainers have obtained a degree in an exercise related fields or are currently in pursuit of this. The personal training staff consists of trainers with undergraduate degrees ranging from kinesiology, dietetics, exercise science, health promotion, and wellness. Several of our trainers have advanced degrees. We are equip to handle a variety of fitness ranges from the high school athlete in training to the post cardiac patient. Come and experience why education and experience mixed with personality and the ability to motivate can lead to a productive and fun personal training journey.
Semi Private Group Training Get a group of friends together (2 - 4 people) and receive private training with the benefits of a group atmoshphereand social structure. Scheduling can conform to your needs.
Private Training A more customized approach. Your trainer caters to your needs to reach your goals. Everything conforms to your needs.
Boot Camp with Jarrid Get fit, stay motivated and lose weight in our popular boot camp series.
TThF at 5:30 AM  |  TTh at 6:30 AM  |  MTF at 8:30 AM
Group Training with Nicci T Experience a different workout every time including HIIT, TRX and Kettlebell training. 
MWF at Noon in the Strength Room
Strength Series The Power-lifting Strength Program is a 13 week program focused on advanced strength training techniques. Techniques will focus on heavier compound moves involving Squats, Bench, and Dead lift.  By apointment only...
Slow Your Roll Our foam roller training that will help improve your posture while increasing Core Strength & Overall Flexibility.
Myofascial Release If you have chronic pain, nagging injuries, or sluggish performance, myofascial release may be the answer to your problem. Myofascial release is a type of restorative therapy that focuses on balancing the connective tissue tension within the body. Overactive muscles cause trigger points to develop in the myofascial tissues causing restricted motion, delayed nerve conductivity, and pain.
Parasetter Class Our Parasetter Class is your gateway to gaining control! It is your key to re‑starting your parasympathic nervous system, lowering cortisol levels, regulating insulin, and truly becoming “tuned in” to your body.